Gretchen Wilson - One Bud Wiser Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Grand ole Opry here in Nashville, Tennessee. All the way from Pocahontas, Illinois, it's Gretchen Wilson.


Well I'm one bud wiser than i was a minute ago.
I found an equalizer that makes his memory a no show.
And I won't be jonesin' for his lovin' anymore,
Cause I'm one bud wiser than I was a minute ago.

I dropped a quarter, played Golden Ring on the jukebox.
Placed my order with the guy behind the bar.
And when he handed me a cold one, well I said, "Keep the change, Darlin'."
And as I drank it down, I felt the healing start.


When he left me, he took my brand-new Silverado.
I started thumbin' and I finally hitched a ride.
I just came in here to drink a beer and watch the rednecks fight.

Now I don't feel so bad goin' home alone tonight.


And I won't be jonsein' for his lovin' any more,
Cause I'm one bud wiser than i was a minute ago.

Yes, I'm one bud wiser.

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