Songs by Grace Jones

Grace Jones - Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Every day brings change,… And the world puts on a new face,… Certain things rearange,… And the world seems like a new… show more

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Rating: 2.50 (2 votes)

Grace Jones - My Jamican Guy

Take a toke from the smoke,… Never standing by the door,… Just stretching out pan de floor,… That way him don't fall… show more

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Rating: 2.00 (1 votes)

Grace Jones - Nipple To the Bottle

Colour and warmth came into your world,… It makes me crazy,… When you don't get what you want,… You scream and you… show more

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Rating: 1.00 (1 votes)

Grace Jones - Pull Up To the Bumper

Driving down those city streets,… Waiting to get down,… Won't you get your big machine,… Somewhere in this town?…… show more

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Rating: 3.00 (3 votes)