George Canyon - Who Would You Be Lyrics

We we're sitting round the table
At the Tuesday poker game
Solvin' all the problems of the world
Tryin' to draw an inside straight
When Jimmy posed the question
As he played a pair of kings
"If you could be anyone in this whole world
Who would you be?"

Would you be Elvis shakin' up Memphis
Makin' all the young girls scream
Would you make a speech that would change the world
Like Martin Luther King
Go down in history like Abe Lincoln
Cause you set a country free
If you could be anyone in this whole world, tell me
Who would you be?

Hank said; "I'd be a cowboy, someone like John Wayne."
Donny said; "Hey pilgrim, blow that cigar smoke the other way."
Said he'd make a million dollars pitchin' in the major leagues
Then he stared straight into Paul's bloodshot eyes
And said, "Who would you be?"


Would you be John Lennon, can you imagine
Giving hope with just a song
Would you be the Babe pointing that bat
Sayin, "This one's goin' long."
Maybe Moses parting the waters, sayin',
"Children follow me"
If you could be anyone in this whole world, tell me
Who would you be?


Well I knew those boys would roll their eyes
When they heard what I had to say
But I shuffled the cards and said, "deuces wild"
And I told them anyway


I'd rather be a father that had all the answers
To every question my kids have
I'd earn every word on that coffee cup
That says "world's greatest dad"
Be the perfect husband to that woman that means everything to me
If I could be anyone in this whole world
Well, that's who I'd be
Yeah, that's who I'd be

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