Fabolous - Make Me Better Lyrics

The official first single, though, is "make me better"
The track -- which features ne-yo on the hook and was
Produced by Timbaland -- finds fab in a very familiar mode
Talking to the ladies the strings will remind hip-hop fans

Of Raekwon's classic "rainy dayz"; as for the lyrics, fab
And ne-yo tell ladies they are forces to be reckoned with
On their own -- but with their ladies upgrading them
They're that much better

"you want a girl that completes you and makes you better
" he explained "you don't want a girl who brings more
Arguments and more bills you want a girl who, when
You're walking around with your tie crooked, she fixes

Your tie that's the kind of [woman] I'm looking
For whether she's a celebrity or non-celebrity don't
Really matter you just need somebody you can connect with

"it touches so many places," fab added of the song
"it's a sexy record, plus a swagger record, an anthem
Record all in one i played it for a couple of dudes
A week ago, and they was like, 'I'mma tell my shorty

That: "yo, shorty, you make me better i'm cool, I'm
Fly and sh--, but us together, we make a great pair"
Dudes can take it -- it's giving them some game I
Felt it could work on all levels

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