Duhks - You Don't See It Lyrics

If I could show you how I feel
I'd hear sweet heaven sing your song
But I watch you from afar
And my luck keeps draggin' on
Well you eyes keep me up all night you know
They're stranded on my mind
I want to get to love you one kiss at a time


But you don't see you don't see it, you don't know
You don't feel it, you don't come you don't suffer you don't fall like the rain

Love has so many faces; and I wonder what my place is
Before you get to love me, a few hearts have got to break

Wish I could set your nights on fire
Wish the passion there we're grown
Everybody loves you and I've strung my heart along
I can't wait forever I can't break my hear like that
So why not call me in off your worn out welcome mat

Chorus (2x)

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