Chrisette Michele - If I Have My Way Lyrics

If I have my Way

Your who I desire, you light my fire
With every kiss you take me higher
Feelin' like your lovin' I just can not resist
There's something that's making me hold on

There's no one I would rather share my good lovin' with
But I promised I'd wait till I'm ready for this


One day we'll make love, passion unheard of
I'll be your woman, If I have my way
We will see heaven, lovin' together, we won't stop ever
If I have my way

I love your touch, it makes me cry oh
I'm in love so much, look what you've done
Please don't whisper any thing else in my ear
My body, my heart, and my soul is high

Let me find the strength to get on up outa here
Cause one day, the way we feel, we'll be alright

Chorus 1x

I love you, no doubt about it
I won't change my mind
Love so true
If I have my way I will make love to you

Chorus 2x

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