3 D - From the Giddy Up Lyrics

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You got it
Get it

My stlye is bold yet spunky, the lives for ya bunky
As I get funky you hang like a monkey
On my tip, you dip, unintelligent drip

Rhymes don't kick so you might as well skip
Along cause you don't belong on a rap song
You get gonged cause you're doin it wrong

When you speak you can't be weak but strong
Go for what you feel cause what you say goes on
My pattern is quick, dialect is slick

Clockin' like a Swatch watch, hear me tic
I'm the so original, Chuck the so imperial
Collaboratin' to make great material

First got into this and got dissed
But they we're convinced when I rallied my intelligence
Girls I was on used to hate to have to talk and
Nowadays they all let the fingers do the walkin'

Callin' me up, sayin' 'Hey, what's up'
Shoulda been like that from the giddy up

I'll go the length and width on the Hercules tip
Talkin 'bout extra strength
So before you start beefin don't you even start

Cause you know damn well you know the lines by heart
Now who's makin' it and who's fakin' it
Who's doin damage and who's takin' it
Some jerks had the nerve to smirk

But yet they now sweat, the beat makes 'em work
Glidin' slidin' getting' bold, wild and
Told you before it was '88 stylin'

I'm the Administer, just call me Sinister
Now you know it's me down with 3-D
Gotta be shot out if you don't play me

E's poetic, up and energetic
Time to rhyme, homeboy, I told ya
Stop cryin' get your head off my shoulder
Take ya like a piece of clay and mold ya
Treat ya like a nut and scold ya
Stop bluffin'

Cause you know what you're sayin' ain't nothin'
Cold getting' rough and I'm scuffin' sucker type MC's up
Acknickulous, yeah, from the giddy up

In the DJ booth Woody Wood got juice
Jams for the youth that be tellin' the truth
Everybody's comin' out 'bout the same time

So I had to get swift on the rhyme
Do you like the farmer went and did the potato
Plant ya now, dig ya later
Big mouths are always braggin'

The weight that they're carryin's what broke the wagon
Keep your girl away from me cause I'll hurt her
Make like a marathon and get further

Where I got to go you know it ain't too far
Just because I'm dope don't claim to be a superstar
Cause I'm an everyday run-of-the-mill
Getting' over like Rover cause I choose to chill
Wish I would catch you booin' my crew
You's a front cause you was jammin' from the giddy up

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