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Must Ask Questions for Your Potential Wedding Florist

When it comes to finding and hiring a potential wedding florist there're a number of things you should have done first. This includes reserving the venue for your reception and ceremony. Once this is complete you can now come up with an extensive list of must-ask questions to put forward. You'll then be able to […]

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Catering Costs You Need to Know Before Hiring a Caterer

While finding a catering service for your wedding you might already have different referrals or totally new services you have never heard about before. Apart from the location and decor, the drink and food for the wedding party will most assuredly take a larger part of the total wedding budget.

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Do You Need to Fire Your Wedding Planner?

A wedding brings distinct individuals together with a view to spending their entire lives together. To make it happen there're all kinds of things that have to be planned, organization to be done, and intense planning if you'll have the kind of wedding you've always dreamed about. In all this confusion a wedding planner comes […]

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